Valerio Lepori, trombone

born 1989 in Zurich, started playing the trombone when he was 8 years old and successfully completed his master’s degree in music education and composition in January 2016. Currently he is playing in various bands and projects such as Klischée, Jazzlounge 1920, Der Grosse Bär, Boris Pilleri's Jammin' and others.

Valentin Baumgartner,

guitar, banjo and vocals

born on the 16.3.1991 in Zurich into a musicians family. He studied the jazzguitar at HSLU in Lucerne. Valentin works as a guitarist/singer/composer (music & lyrics) and graphic artist for the bands Extrafish, In Love Your Mother & Johnny & The Rocketboy. He plays, sings and composes also for Theater Jetzt and many other bands like Les Singes, The Nozez, The Sheiks, Kadeemka, Vadane, Doppelfisch and plays with  5 Pound Pocket Universe, The Incredible Exploding Cat Experience and the art-performance trio FA.

A lot of input, a lot of output.

Tobias Künzli, piano

born 1995, has started playing the piano at a young age and is currently studying at the Jazz School in Lucerne. He is part of different bands and projects in jazz and pop.

Flavio Viazzoli, drums

was born in 1987. He studied jazz drums at HSLU in Lucerne, where he completed his Master of Arts in Music in 2014. He plays with many different bands and projects such as Julian von Flüe & Band, Fourscape, Urbalz, Operette Sirnach and others.

Theo Känzig, guitar

born 1980 in Bern, completed his studies in music in 2015 at the HKB in Bern (MA Music Pedagogy). He lives out his fondness for old swing music in several bands such as Les Singes and the Hot Club de Berne. His stylistic versatility leads him to enjoy playing with bands like Alva Lün (Pop) or Taraf de Berne (Romanian Folk). Besides playing concerts he loves teaching the guitar and living with his family in Bern.

Roger Greipl, tenor &baritone sax

 born in 1969 in Frauenfeld/TG. As an autodidact Saxophonist he got „schooled" in various bands of different styles from Punk to Afro to Soul. Die Aeronauten, King Kora and The Soulmaniacs were his main bands for many years. Besides the Sheiks he is currently playing with Min King, Jolly and the Flytrap, Die Aeronauten, the Soulmaniacs and Klischee and he is also a sought-after studio musician (Nemo, Dodo, Lo & Leduc, Marc Sway, Phenomden and many more)

Benjamin Danech, trumpet, flugelhorn

born 1978 in Zurich, started playing the trumpet when he was 12 years old and successfully completed his master’s degree in music education in August 2017. Currently he is playing in various bands and projects such as Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester, Soulmaniacs and others.

Jonas Künzli, double bass

started playing piano at the age of 7. 10 years later, he focused on double bass and completed his bachelor's degree in 2015 at the jazz school in Lucerne. In June 2019 he will finish his master's degree in music education. Jonas works as a freelance musician in various bands and genres. Some current projects are: "Extrafish", "Les Singes", "Avender", "REA SOM" and others.

Alexander Etter, trumpet

Since the beginning, the fascination with jazz has been there, as evidenced by hours of listening to "Fire House 5 + 2" on Vinyl. Already in the kindergarten age, Alex was allowed to accompany the band of his father at concerts with small drums and tambourine. .Much later - in college - Alex suddenly had the feeling that he wanted to learn trumpet and finally completed his Matura playing on trumpet and piano. Besides The Sheiks he is currently playing with The Bridge Pipers, Black Bottom Stompers, Small Town Kids, Red Hot Serenaders and Coniglio Connection.

Corsin Battaglia, guitar

born in Grisons, started playing violin and clarinet before settling on guitar. He has been travelling back in time for the last 25 years and currently lives in the 1930s. He plays guitar in the New Hot Club of Zurich, the Organ Messengers, and the Sheiks.

Dominic Eschmann, drums

born 1990 in Zurich, started playing drums when he was 6 years old and successfully completed his master’s degree in music education in June 2014. Currently he is playing in various bands and projects such as Partyband HABAKUK, Big Band Zug, Rooster Booster, Alibi Süd and others

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